L-Leucine instant. 300g.

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Leucine eis one of the essential amino acids since the body is not capable of producing it and it has to be obtained through food and supplementation.

Together with valine and isoleucine, they compose BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids. Leucine is a precursor of amino acids such as alanine and glutamine and it favors the uptake of nutrients in the muscle cell and stimulates protein synthesis, thus acting on muscle growth processes and blood glucose control.

    • 100% instant L-Leucine of the highest quality and without additives.
    • Amino acid from the fermentation of quality plant sources and not from the hydrolysis of low bioavailability animal remains.
    • Improves protein synthesis for better fat-free muscle building thanks to activation of the mTOR pathway.
    • Counteracts muscle catabolism and promotes the recovery of glycogen deposits.
    • Totally suitable for vegans.
    • Gluten and lactose free.

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